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RV Roofing & Roof Repair Products

Complete kit to restore and renew your RV Roof. Comes with 4 gallons of Acrylic Roof Coating, 2 quarts of cleaner, seam tape, tools and accessories. Covers 200-250 square feet of roof. Best for use on EPDM rubber roofs, or weathered TPO. White.

PART# RoofKit

PRICE: $575.00
1-component urethane sealant. UV resistant. White, high adhesion, long life. Non-solvent sealant will not dry out or crack. Used to bed windows, vents, and to seal around openings. HD caulk gun highly reccomended. Best for roofs. 300 ml tube.

PART# Sika505UV

PRICE 14.50
1-component urethane sealant. White, semi-self leveling. Non-solvent sealant will not dry out or crack. Used to seal around roof penetrations, lap joints, trims, fixtures, etc. HD caulk gun highly reccomended. For roofs only. 300 ml cartridge.


PRICE: 14.50 each, or 27.00 for 2
1/8" x 3/4" putty style tape used to bed windows, doors, ad trims, off-white/gray. Comes in 15', 30', and 60' rolls

PART# Butyl Tape

PRICE: 7.25 @15', 12.25 @ 30', 23.00 @ 60'
It's always a good idea to remove and reinstall your rooftop AC unit when doing a roof project. This gasket fits 14" x 14" openings.

PART# AC Gasket

MaxxAir Roof Vent Lid 15.5" x 14.75" x 3.5. Use to replace dented, cracked, or broken vents. Comes is clear and smoke colors

PART# Roof vent

PRICE: white 31.00, smoke 38.00
The first step to a healthy roof is a clean roof. Rubber roof Cleaner brings back the shine to dull, oxidized, and dirty roof. 16 oz. spray bottle, or 1-gallon jug.

PART# Roofclean

PRICE: see menu
RV Roof Renew Kit
Sikaflex 505UV Urethane Sealant
Sikaflex 715 Urethane Sealant
Butyl Tape
Eternabond Patching Tape
Eternabond commercial grade roof repair tape has a great reputation as problem solver, as well as permanent fix for areas prone to leaks. 4" wide on both 25' and 50' lengths. Special roller ensures proper installation, as does the cleaner/primer. the color is white.

PART# Eternatape

PRICE: See menu
14" AC Unit Gasket
Roof Vent Replacement Lid
vent lid
Pro Caulk Gun, 12:1 Ratio, Heavy Duty
Pro Grade 12:1 Ratio Heavy Duty Tool. Designed for use with heavy-bodied urethanes.

PART# Caulk Gun

PRICE: 18.00
Roof Cleaner
Roof UV Protection
The second step to roof maintenance is to add UV protection. Roof-Gard Rubber Roof UV Protectant are the right tools for the job. 16 oz. spray bottle or 1-gallon jug


PRICE: see menu
roof clean
Other Classes of Coatings
Roof coatings can be classified into three types: solvent, water-based, and 100 percent solids. Solvent systems are those containing an organic solvent as carrier for the coating. In this case, solvent evaporation causes the coating to form the membrane on the roof. Water-based coatings employ water as this carrier. The third class, albeit less common, is the solvent-free coating where two liquid components are premixed in a specially designed airless spray unit; a chemical reaction causes some of these two-part coatings to dry almost immediately. Each of these three coating classes has specific advantages and disadvantages relating to the type and presence or absence of solvent.

Solvent Coatings
Coatings which employ organic solvents can be applied over a wide range of temperatures, including cold or marginal weather conditions. Moreover, they will dry quickly under conditions of high humidity since the rate of solvent evaporation is not related to relative humidity. These advantages are offset to some degree, however, because they contain large percentages of usually flammable, and sometimes highly toxic, organic solvents.

Water-Based Coatings
In contrast, water-based coatings eliminate the flammability and potential toxicity hazards associated with solvent systems since they use water-rather than solvent-as the carrier. Additionally, the equipment used can be easily cleaned with soap and water, and their potential for "bleed through" is significantly lower because they do not contain solvents. Since water is an inexpensive solvent, cost is usually lower than solvent-based coatings.

The chief limitation of water-based coatings is the range of atmospheric conditions conducive to application. First, they should not be applied at temperatures too close to freezing because the rate of water evaporation becomes so slow they may not dry properly. Normal low cut-off point for application of these coatings is 50 degrees F. Second, they should not be applied when rain or inclement weather is imminent.

100 Percent Solids Coatings
The third, less common type of roof coating consists of 100 percent solids. Since these coatings contain virtually no solvents, they do not possess the limitations of the water- or solvent-based coatings. However, they do require special application equipment and are extremely sensitive to changes in application temperature as their ability to form a durable, long-lasting membrane is dependent on proper mixing ratios of the two components and reaction temperature. If incorrect, the coating may not adequately cure or may, possibly, gel prematurely, thus preventing the protective membrane from forming properly.
Acrylic Coatings
Acrylic roof coatings take advantage of the inherent durability of acrylics, and can be designed to be very elastic and flexible over a wide temperature range for a relatively modest cost. In addition, they are supplied as either water- or solvent-based products, although specialized acrylic coatings are available for roofs experiencing ponded water conditions.
Types of RV Roofing
Typically there are three different kinds of roofing material used on an RV- EPDM rubber, TPO rubber, &

Probably the most common material for an RV roof is the EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), second and less expensive is the TPO. Fiberglass roofs are mostly found on Winnebago products.
Types of RV Roof Coatings
We provide custom EPDM re-roof kits designed to fit your budget and RV's specific requirements. Typical kits include high quality EPDM rubber roof membrane, adhesives, sealants, tapes, trims, gaskets, fasteners, vents, etc. A detailed project analysis, consultation, and instructions specific to your kit is included.

PART# Roof Replacement

PRICE: Complete Kits typically range from $900-$1,800 depending on size and kit components.
Email us the details of your re-roof project and we will put togther quote.
Complete EPDM DIY Re-Roof Package
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